Weekly Updates

QRL Weekly, 2023-July-11

Weekly Dev Snapshot 📸 👇

  • Fix: Sync committee message verification is now functional
  • Validator set is now generated in each epoch
  • Fix: Gossip max length increased to allow block transmission as the block contains consensus related signatures
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QRL Weekly, 2023-July-04

Weekly Dev Snapshot 📸 👇

  • Updated Sync Committee signing & getSyncAggregate to use Dilithium cryptography
  • Updated maximum Signature Size for Sync Committee
  • Added new constants related to Dilithium
  • Added fix related to some instructions which becomes invalid in some of the ARM processor
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QRL Weekly: Celebrating Five Years of QRL, 2023-June-27

It’s an exciting week here at QRL!

We’re celebrating five years of QRL and quantum computing progress since QRL genesis.

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Weekly Dev Snapshot 📸 👇

  • Changes with the execution engine is still in progress to make the API compatible with the dilithium signature.
  • Bug fix in progress in the consensus engine which triggers when the total stake contribution is calculated for an epoch for the epoch finality.
  • An Indexer is being developed to index blockchain data into the DB which then can be used by explorer or other dApps.
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QRL Weekly, 2023-June-20

Weekly Dev Snapshot 📸 👇

  • QRL Token Indexer indexes all tokens into MongoDB from the Python based QRL blockchain and keeps track of token holders and all transactions associated with a token.
  • Built MongoDB database model for the QRL Token Indexer.
  • Added automatic collection creation code with field indexing in Go based QRL Token Indexer.
  • Added fork recovery / chain reorg handling code in QRL Token Indexer.
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QRL Weekly, 2023-June-13

Weekly Dev Snapshot 📸 👇

  • Added new API GetPaginatedTransactionsByAddress in WalletAPIService, as well as in Wallet Daemon and released QRL Node v4.0.2
  • Updated documentation for the new API
  • Updated walletd-rest-proxy to support the WalletAPIService
  • Updated dependencies for walletd-rest-proxy
  • Updated documentation for the installation instruction of walletd-rest-proxy based on latest go version
  • Fix for the Beacon node not building on some of the arm architecture
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QRL Weekly, 2023-June-06

Weekly Dev Snapshot 📸 👇

  • Bug related to unordered dilithium signature during attestation has been fixed. Validator client is able to attest for the blocks and the Beacon chain (Consensus Engine) is able to verify attestation, include them into the block and able to verify the full block with attestations in it.
  • Currently working on the bug in the Execution Engine. Execution engine is not able to process the block data relevant to execution engine.
  • New repo: QRL themed DaisyUI component library: https://github.com/theQRL/qrl-vue-vite-tailwind-daisyui
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QRL Weekly, 2023-May-30

Weekly Dev Snapshot 📸 👇

  • Found the portion of codes responsible for bugs related to disordered dilithium signature in beacon chain (after it’s signed and broadcasted by validator client) with respect to dilithium public keys resulting into failure in block validation. Fix for the same is in progress.
  • Going through the remaining withdrawal code including the smart contract which requires the withdrawal credential when a wallet locks up the fund for staking.
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QRL Weekly, 2023-May-23

Weekly Dev Snapshot

  • Fixed extra signatures appended in the attestation transaction
  • Currently fixing the unordered signature with respect to the public key of the attestation transaction.
  • Attestation transaction broadcasted by the validator client, doesn’t include the 2592 bytes of dilithium public key, rather we use bitfield to represent which validator has signed that transaction, which is of just few bytes, this would optimize the network performance.
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QRL Weekly, 2023-May-16

Weekly Dev Snapshot

  • Updated Signature Batch to support unaggregated dilithium based keys.
  • Fixed sync committee message due to breaking changes in signature batch.
  • Made changes in the code of withdrawal processing to support unaggregated dilithium based keys, other withdrawal related changes in progress.
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QRL Weekly, 2023-May-09

Weekly Dev Snapshot 📸 👇

  • Fixing Beacon Node with placeholder of signature aggregation (for future) and replacing existing code without signature aggregation.
  • Fixing Attestation Pool in Beacon Node for Dilithium cryptography without aggregation.
  • Protobuf & ssz files are updated to support unaggregated Dilithium public keys and signature in Beacon Chain.
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