Celebrating Six Years of Post-Quantum Security: The Journey of QRL

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Weekly Updates

QRL Weekly, 2024-February-20

Weekly Development Snapshot

  • Qrysm unit tests are in progress for beacon-chain packages such as forkchoice, monitor, rpc and state
  • Fixed several Qrysm unit tests for cache, gateway, p2p, sync, core
  • The new code is being reviewed to before we begin making further changes
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QRL Weekly, 2024-February-13

Weekly Development Snapshot

  • More unit tests and integration tests are being added for qrysm
  • Several unit tests have been fixed for qrysm
  • Deprecated commands from qrysmctl have been removed
  • Several non required dependencies have been removed from qrysm
  • update to explorer back end to support more rpc calls
  • functional wallet create/send/receive wallet UI component improvements
  • import/export of gzond node-compatible wallet files in progress
  • explorer indexing research
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QRL Weekly, 2024-February-06

Weekly Development Snapshot

  • Code related to derived and remoteweb3signer has been disabled
  • Removed deprecated validator web ui code
  • Fix unit tests
  • Removed all the codes related to forks other than Capella
  • Removed old db migrations
  • Renamed the Duties field with CurrentEpochDuties
  • Overrided the SecondsPerSlot config field for tests on the validator side that rely on functions such as waitToSlotTwoThirds to have them run much faster
  • new explorer/wallet middleware routes to support fee calculation in testnet wallet
  • transaction UI work in testnet wallet
  • interaction with middleware for automated transaction metadata population
  • offline signing of transactions complete
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QRL Weekly, 2024-January-30

Weekly Development Snapshot

  • Updated several E2E tests for qrysm
  • Removed AggregatePubKey from sync committee
  • Removed non required code related to aggregateKeyRoot from sync committee
  • Updated parameters and field parameters for minimal config
  • Updated proto files and bazel files
  • Demo repo using @theqrl/web3 package to show how to send transactions via nodejs
  • Explorer working for latest block / address / transactions. Block by search in progress
  • Smart contract example instructions / demo repo updated to Testnet release version
  • Release of cli tool to extract hexseed from Zond Testnet node data files (https://github.com/theQRL/hexseed-from-address)
  • qrypto.js maintenance update
  • Basic wallet to send Zond Testnet QRL in progress
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QRL Weekly, 2024-January-23

Weekly Development Snapshot

  • Added fix related to configuration issues
  • Updated protobuf stub files to support the new configuration changes
  • Reset Zond Beta testnet with new configurations
  • Released v0.1.1 for both zond and qrysm related binaries
  • Tests for the beacon-client still in progress
  • Dilithium5 JS package refactored to provide both CommonJS and ESM/MJS support with integration test / demo of use repo
  • Tests of and enhancements to Windows installer package
  • Documentation update
  • Explorer routing complete with basic transaction info underway
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QRL Weekly: Featuring QRL Zond beta-testnet v1 release, 2024-January-16

QRL Zond beta-testnet v1 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of QRL Zond beta-testnet v1, an important step towards allowing blockchain developers to create dApps with EVM smart contract capability and a robust web3 API on a quantum safe backbone. Read more in our blog or jump in right away by going to Test Zond.

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QRL Weekly, 2024-January-09

Weekly Development Snapshot

  • Pre-compiled deposit root contract has been created.
  • Deposit contract has been updated to use the pre-compiled deposit root contract to reduce the gas cost required for the calculation of deposit root.
  • Implementation of CLI tool that allows broadcasting deposit data file having multiple deposit transactions is in progress.
  • CI/CD configurations in progress.
  • Unit tests for the beacon-client still in progress.

Zond Testnet Explorer

  • Front and backend architecture & scaffolding
  • Latest block data
  • Address balance
  • Interactive metadata navigation
  • Configurable API endpoint
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QRL Weekly, 2024-January-02

Weekly Development Snapshot

  • Added more logging during P2P handshake
  • Necessary changes made to zond-contract-example using new web3.js and cryptography libraries
  • Successfully tested smart contract deployment, on-chain and off-chain calls
  • Unit tests for the beacon-client still in progress
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QRL Weekly, 2023-December-29

Weekly Development Snapshot

  • Fixed peer pruning issue related to disconnected peers, which was stopping new nodes from same ip to connect with the bootstrap nodes.
  • Tested api to add/remove/list trusted peers.
  • Unit tests for the beacon-client still in progress.
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QRL Weekly: Public beta-testnet v1 date set

Public Beta-testnet v1 Date Set for January 15th, 2024

After months of dedication, development, and collaboration, we are delighted to unveil the official launch date for our public beta-testnet v1: January 15th, 2024!

What to expect

As we unveil the entrance to our public beta-testnet v1 from devnet, developers across the globe are invited to delve into and interact with our platform and ecosystem. This encompasses web3 and EVM smart contract capabilities, all built upon a post-quantum secure foundation. Those with experience in the Ethereum ecosystem will find themselves right at home in this innovative environment.

In this developmental phase, as we refine nodes and work towards public beta-testnet v2 (with additional improvements & incorporating a new address format), there is a prime opportunity to construct essential ecosystem components. This includes the development of wallets, explorers, and various tools that will enhance the overall functionality and user experience within our platform.

More details will be shared through documentation and other media as the release date gets closer.

It is essential to note that the information provided in our development updates is inherently dynamic and subject to change. The nature of ongoing development means that unforeseen circumstances, technical considerations, or strategic decisions may necessitate adjustments to the initially communicated details and timelines.

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