QRL Primary Report, 2024

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QRL Weekly, 2024-March-19

19th March 2024

Weekly Development Snapshot

  • Majority of the tests (integration & unit tests) finished for qrysm
  • Reviewing P2P code, State initialization code for qrysm
  • Started writing tests for Go-Zond
  • Zond web wallet offline functionality
  • Advanced sending settings work in progress

Quantum News

NVIDIA Launches Cloud Quantum-Computer Simulation Microservices

On 2024-03-18: NVIDIA today launched a cloud service that allows researchers and developers to push the boundaries of quantum computing exploration in key scientific domains, including chemistry, biology and materials science.

NVIDIA has more than 160 partners in its quantum computing ecosystem. Leading cloud service providers are integrating Quantum Cloud into their offerings, including Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud

To learn more about NVIDIA Quantum Cloud, watch the GTC keynote from Jensen Huang, and register for GTC for free to attend sessions from NVIDIA and industry leaders through March 21. - nvidianews.nvidia.com

A tweezer array with 6100 highly coherent atomic qubits

On 2024-03-18: The researchers have successfully created a large-scale array of optical tweezers that can trap over 6,100 neutral atoms across 12,000 sites, achieving new heights in several critical performance metrics for this technology.

They demonstrated:

  • A coherence time of 12.6 seconds, a record for hyperfine qubits in an optical tweezer array.
  • Trapping lifetimes close to 23 minutes in a room-temperature apparatus, enabling record-high
  • Imaging survival of 99.98952% in combination with an imaging fidelity of over 99.99%.

Their results, together with other recent developments, indicate that universal quantum computing with ten thousand atomic qubits could be a near-term prospect. Furthermore, their work could pave the way for quantum simulation and metrology experiments with inherent single particle readout and positioning capabilities at a similar scale. - arxiv.org

19th March 2024