Celebrating Six Years of Post-Quantum Security: The Journey of QRL

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QRL Weekly, 2024-March-05

5th March 2024

Weekly Development Snapshot

QRL Zond

  • Majority of the unit tests and integration tests fixed, 20 to 30 unit/e2e tests are still pending for Qrysm
  • Refactored Dilithium public key and signature length into fieldparams package
  • Removed unused deprecated stream methods
  • porting of trueblocks.io to have zond compatibility underway


  • PoW Ledger app compatibility review

QRL Monthly: feat. QRL Listing on LBank, February 2024

Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) is now listed on LBank Cryptocurrency Exchange, a major step that expands our blockchain’s reach and offers our community exciting new trading opportunities. The QRL Foundation’s joins the PQCA in its commitment to advancing post-quantum cryptography, ensuring the security of digital assets against emerging quantum threats. Finally, dive into the world of cryptography with “History of Cryptography: Behind The Code - Episode 5” or listen to the Twitter/X Spaces with Web3 Global, exploring the evolution and future of cryptographic security in the age of quantum computing.


Quantum News

Google launches $5m prize to find actual uses for quantum computers

On 04 Mar 2024: - newscientist.com

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5th March 2024