Celebrating Six Years of Post-Quantum Security: The Journey of QRL

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QRL Weekly: Featuring the QRL Show live episode, 2024-June-04

4th June 2024

Weekly Development Snapshot

  • Javascript implementation of XMSS completed, code review is in progress.
  • Reviewed code for attestation processing, currently reviewing code for attestation reward.
  • Code review in progress for State, Initial Sync, epoch transition, validator’s reward & validator shuffling.
  • Dilithium signing tool released for internal testing

QRL Show Live Episode from Consensus 📽️ 🔐 💻

This past week, QRL Show co-hosts Ryan and Michael from the QRL core team filmed a full in-person episode while at Consensus in Austin, TX.

In this episode, they cover:

  • The sentiment of others in the space from individuals up to large institutions
  • What people should be doing about the quantum threat, expert timelines, etc
  • How is the cryptography QRL uses post-quantum secure?
  • How quantum computing will impact every industry
  • Where’s a best place to start for those interested in post-quantum securing their digital assets (Shor’s Algorithm, factorization, public/private keys).

You don’t want to miss this episode…you can check the episode out in full below ⤵️

Quantum News

Scientists find a new way to make quantum computers

On 03 Jun 2024: MIT researchers developed a scalable quantum system-on-chip (QSoC) that integrates thousands of diamond color center qubits onto a semiconductor chip, potentially advancing large-scale quantum computing and communication networks. - knowridge.com

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4th June 2024