QRL Weekly, 2024-January-30

30th January 2024

Weekly Development Snapshot

  • Updated several E2E tests for qrysm
  • Removed AggregatePubKey from sync committee
  • Removed non required code related to aggregateKeyRoot from sync committee
  • Updated parameters and field parameters for minimal config
  • Updated proto files and bazel files
  • Demo repo using @theqrl/web3 package to show how to send transactions via nodejs
  • Explorer working for latest block / address / transactions. Block by search in progress
  • Smart contract example instructions / demo repo updated to Testnet release version
  • Release of cli tool to extract hexseed from Zond Testnet node data files (https://github.com/theQRL/hexseed-from-address)
  • qrypto.js maintenance update
  • Basic wallet to send Zond Testnet QRL in progress

Quantum News

Taiwan connects its first home-grown quantum computer to the internet

On 2024-01-24: A January 19 announcement of the connection reveals that the machine has five qubits and is available as a test bed for the university's project collaborators, with other researchers able to use it as a development platform for their own efforts using the machine's ultra-low temperature CMOS and parametric amplifiers. Collaborators include the University of California, Santa Barbara, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, so this machine's success may assist US quantum development efforts. - theregister.com

Finding and Erasing Quantum Computing Errors in Real-Time

On 2024-01-29: Researchers, led by Jeff Thompson at Princeton University, have developed a novel method to detect and correct errors in quantum computers in real time, potentially making them up to ten times easier to correct.

This advancement, detailed in a recent paper in Nature, focuses on identifying errors more easily than previous methods, which primarily aimed to reduce error probabilities. By utilizing a different set of energy levels within atoms to store qubits, the team can monitor qubits during computations and detect errors without destroying the qubits. - scitechdaily.com

30th January 2024