QRL Weekly, 2024-January-23

23rd January 2024

Weekly Development Snapshot

  • Added fix related to configuration issues
  • Updated protobuf stub files to support the new configuration changes
  • Reset Zond Beta testnet with new configurations
  • Released v0.1.1 for both zond and qrysm related binaries
  • Tests for the beacon-client still in progress
  • Dilithium5 JS package refactored to provide both CommonJS and ESM/MJS support with integration test / demo of use repo
  • Tests of and enhancements to Windows installer package
  • Documentation update
  • Explorer routing complete with basic transaction info underway

Quantum News

Breakthrough in quantum computing with stable room temperature qubits - Advanced Science News

On 2024-01-19: Scientists achieve groundbreaking room-temperature quantum coherence for 100 nanoseconds, propelling molecular qubits closer to practical quantum computing. - advancedsciencenews.com

Taiwan connects its first home-grown quantum computer to the internet

On 2024-01-24: A January 19 announcement of the connection reveals that the machine has five qubits and is available as a test bed for the university's project collaborators, with other researchers able to use it as a development platform for their own efforts using the machine's ultra-low temperature CMOS and parametric amplifiers. Collaborators include the University of California, Santa Barbara, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, so this machine's success may assist US quantum development efforts. - theregister.com

23rd January 2024