QRL Weekly: Featuring QRL Zond beta-testnet v1 release, 2024-January-16

16th January 2024

QRL Zond beta-testnet v1 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of QRL Zond beta-testnet v1, an important step towards allowing blockchain developers to create dApps with EVM smart contract capability and a robust web3 API on a quantum safe backbone. Read more in our blog or jump in right away by going to Test Zond.

Weekly Development Snapshot

  • CI/CD pipeline completed for the Go-zond & Qrysm.
  • Deposit command added to the CLI tool, to broadcast the staking deposit transaction.
  • Tested deposit command as well as stake validator activation in a private network.
  • Updated some of the parameters to reduce the time required for the new stake validator activation.
  • Updated genesis & config files for public testnet release.
  • Docs, scripts & utilities to support Beta-Testnet launch

Quantum News

China uses foreign machines to make quantum computers

On 2024-01-11: A Chinese company has made a 72-qubit superconducting quantum chip with foreign machines as the United States's curbs failed to slow China's development in this area.

Origin Quantum, a Hefei-based quantum computer maker, on January 6 officially launched its third-generation quantum computer called Wukong, which uses the name of the Monkey King in Chinese mythology as the superhero can transform into 72 different forms. - asiatimes.com

16th January 2024