QRL Primary Report, 2024

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QRL Weekly, 2024-February-20

20th February 2024

Weekly Development Snapshot

  • Qrysm unit tests are in progress for beacon-chain packages such as forkchoice, monitor, rpc and state
  • Fixed several Qrysm unit tests for cache, gateway, p2p, sync, core
  • The new code is being reviewed to before we begin making further changes

Quantum News

NVIDIA Accelerates Quantum Computing Exploration at Australia's Pawsey Supercomputing Centre

On 2024-02-18: NVIDIA and Australia's Pawsey Supercomputing Centre are collaborating to accelerate quantum computing research. This collaboration will leverage NVIDIA's cutting-edge technology, including the CUDA Quantum platform and Grace Hopper Superchips, to conduct research in this field. The goal of this collaboration is to achieve breakthroughs in quantum computing, which has the potential to revolutionize many industries. - nvidianews.nvidia.com

20th February 2024