QRL Weekly, 2023-September-26

26th September 2023

Weekly Dev Snapshot

  • Changes in Execution Node to unify pqaccounts & account package into single account package
  • Fixed unit tests & updated sign function in pqcrypto package
  • Added constant DilithiumSignatureLength
  • Changes in transaction data & API to support dilithium based wallet
  • Updated RPCTransaction API with new fields PublicKey and Signature
  • Updated transaction marshalling to support new fields PublicKey and Signature for dilithium compatibility
  • Bug fixes + Updated unit tests
  • Successfully tested the API required to make & sign transaction from the CLI.
  • Successfully tested Transaction Pool in Execution Node, along with the transfer of funds from one dilithium wallet to another

Quantum News

Post-Quantum Cryptography Coalition Launches

On 2023-09-26: The data we're encrypting online today—from financial and personal identification information to military operations and intelligence data—could be quickly decrypted in the future by an adversary with access to a cryptographically relevant quantum computer. To drive progress toward broader understanding and public adoption of post-quantum cryptography (PQC) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) PQC algorithms, a community of technologists, researchers, and expert practitioners launched the PQC Coalition. Founding coalition members include IBM Quantum, Microsoft, MITRE, PQShield, SandboxAQ, and University of Waterloo. - mitre.org

Signal adds quantum-resistant encryption to its E2EE messaging protocol

On 2023-09-25: Signal has announced that it upgraded its end-to-end communication protocol to use quantum-resistant encryption keys to protect users from future attacks.

Signal explains that its "X3DH" (Extended Triple Diffie-Hellman) key agreement protocol has been upgraded to "PQXDH" (Post-Quantum Extended Diffie-Hellman), which incorporates quantum-resistant secret key generation mechanisms for Signal's end-to-end encryption (E2EE) specification. - bleepingcomputer.com

26th September 2023