QRL Weekly, 2023-September-19

19th September 2023

Weekly Dev Snapshot

  • Tested exit of validator from staking along with the withdrawal of balance
  • Currently changes are in progress to make transaction from Dilithium based address on the execution engine
  • Removed non-required flags from the staking-deposit-cli
  • Made required changes to completely replace execution changes with Dilithium execution changes
  • Bug fix for withrawalCredentials validation & improved error messages
  • Added generate dilithium to execution change command in staking-deposit-cli
  • Removed default value of chain and execution-address flag and made them required
  • Added 0x as prefix for hex string and handling the same while decoding for the staking-deposit-cli
  • Added check for DecodeHex to ensure 0x prefix exists for hex string
  • Fix: issue with the incorrect indexing for amount while calling NewCredential function
  • Fix: issue with the incorrect indexing for credentials while calling NewCredentialsFromSeed function
  • Fix: Corrected path while exporting dilithiumToExecutionChange
  • Fix: Exported filename for dilithium to execution changes
  • Added json field names for DilithiumToExecutionChangeMessage
  • Changed type of ValidatorIndex to string to make it compatible with existing CLI

Quantum News

Physicists Create New Magnetic Material to Unleash Quantum Computing

On 2023-09-18: Researchers from the University of Texas, El Paso have developed a highly magnetic quantum computing material that retains its magnetism at room temperature. The material, which does not contain high-demand rare earth minerals, exhibits superparamagnetic behavior, making it a potential option for creating qubits, the basic unit of quantum information. By synthesizing the material in a sequential process, the researchers were able to produce a material 100 times more magnetic than pure iron. Further testing is needed, but this development offers promising potential for stable qubits and advancements in quantum computing. - sciencealert.com

When a Quantum Computer Is Able to Break Our Encryption, It Won't Be a Secret

On 2023-09-13: There is already more than enough reason to upgrade our communications systems to resist attacks from quantum computers as soon as possible. Even if completely unexpected attacks from a black-swan quantum computer are unlikely, attacks from known or suspected quantum computers would already be plenty bad enough. - rand.org

19th September 2023