QRL Primary Report, 2024

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QRL Weekly, 2023-September-12

12th September 2023

Weekly Dev Snapshot 📸 👇

  • Implemented CLI functionality to generate Dilithium to execution change
  • Changed default value of execution-address flag in staking-deposit-cli while generating new seed for staking deposit
  • Added and initialized DilithiumWithdrawalPrefixByte, ZondAddressWithdrawalPrefixByte & DomainDilithiumToExecutionChange in config, these fields are used in staking-deposit-cli for stakings deposits and withdrawal.
  • WithdrawalCredentialsHash function now uses DilithiumWithdrawalPrefixByte to compute hash while generating new staking deposit
  • Added validation of withdrawal credentials in validateDeposit function in staking-deposit-cli
  • Added proto messages for Dilithium based execution change for validator exit
  • Added other helper functions such as DecodeHex, ToSizedDilithiumSignature, ToSizedDilithiumPublicKey for staking-deposit-cli
  • Node has been successfully tested for 14000-15000 blocks and intentionally stopped thereafter.
  • Fixed bug in richlist

Quantum News

Laser Precision Qubit Control: Leap in Reliable Quantum Information Processing

On 2023-09-11: Researchers have pioneered a groundbreaking technique utilizing laser light to control individual qubits made of barium more robustly than any other method currently known. Reliably controlling qubits is a critical step towards actualizing functional quantum computers of the future. - scitechdaily.com

Chinese breakthrough a step towards scalable quantum computation: paper

On 2023-09-10: Chinese scientists have made a significant breakthrough in the development of practical processors for quantum computers. Previous studies were only able to entangle two atoms at a time, but the team was able to entangle eight and 10 ultracold atoms in two-dimensional blocks and one-dimensional chains respectively. - scmp.com

12th September 2023