QRL Primary Report, 2024

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QRL Weekly, 2023-October-10

10th October 2023

Weekly Development Snapshot

  • Minor fix in wallet.js having incorrect main file name in package.json
  • Some other changes in wallet.js to return hex string with 0x prefix is in progress
  • Updated API prefix for go-zond with zond_
  • Updating & testing zond-contract-example with new wallet.js with Dilithium5 replacing older version of Dilithium
  • Changes in web3.js in progress to support the new transaction format

Quantum News

Chinese scientists claim record smashing quantum computing breakthrough

On 10 Oct 2023: Scientists in China say their latest quantum computer has solved an ultra-complicated mathematical problem within a millionth of a second - more than 20 billion years quicker than the world's fastest supercomputer could achieve the same task. - scmp.com

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Encryption services are sending the right message to the quantum codebreakers | John Naughton

On 07 Oct 2023: Quantum computers may still be years away, but it's prudent that end-to-end encryption providers are ramping up defences

A pressing question, then, is when that moment may arrive. At present, nobody really knows. It's a bit like nuclear fusion. Quantum evangelists claim that it's only a few years away. At the high end, some observers think it's 30-plus years away and there are sceptics who find the whole idea implausible. But then it's not that long since people thought that large language models were pie in the sky. So it may be prudent not to be too complacent.

That's certainly the view taken by Signal, one of the providers of the encrypted messaging service that I and many of my colleagues use. “We are not in a position to judge which timeline is most likely,” - theguardian.com

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Fujitsu, RIKEN aim for 1000 qbit quantum computer

On 07 Oct 2023: Fujitsu and RIKEN in Japan launched a 64-qubit superconducting quantum computer and are constructing a 1000-qubit one.

Besides providing this technology on the new hybrid quantum computing platform, Fujitsu will work to create a computing workload broker, an AI-based software that automatically selects computing resources and algorithms to solve customer problems. - eenewseurope.com

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10th October 2023