QRL Weekly, 2023-October-03

3rd October 2023

Weekly Developer Snapshot

  • The existing beacon node when restarted has dependency for at least one node to be online for it to get synced from finalized slot to the last unfinalized slot. However, in case of a crash, there could be no node online and thus may halt the network. The changes and testing are in progress for the beacon chain to keep track current unfinalized slot and to continue from the last block even when there is no node online given the flag is passed during the start of the beacon node.
  • We are currently testing and mapping out all the changes required for the API of the execution node.
  • We are working to fix the js calls made by the client to the API’s of the execution node in Golang to include the Dilithium 5 support, so that one can easily deploy and interact with smart contract and to enable other client based API calls.

Quantum News

Quantum Computers Could Crack Encryption Sooner Than Expected With New Algorithm

On 2023-10-02: One of the most well-established and disruptive uses for a future quantum computer is the ability to crack encryption. A new algorithm could significantly lower the barrier to achieving this.

The saving grace has been that today's quantum processors are a long way from the kind of scale required. But according to a report in Science, New York University computer scientist Oded Regev has discovered a new algorithm that could reduce the number of qubits required substantially.

In Shor's original algorithm, the number of gates required to factor a number is the square of the number of bits used to represent it, which is denoted as n^2. Regev's approach would only require n^1.5 - singularityhub.com

3rd October 2023