QRL Weekly, 2023-November-28

28th November 2023

Weekly Development Snapshot

  • Majority of the upstream changes related to execution node has been finished, however few more remaining upstream changes for the execution node is still in progress, expected to be finished by the end of this week.
  • Unit tests for beacon node is in progress.
  • Changes in progress for the next testing with reduced number of sync committee to decrease the block size from 2.5MB to fewer kilobytes.

Quantum News

Amazon Introduces New Quantum Chip To Reduce Errors

On 2023-11-28: Amazon Web Services has unveiled a groundbreaking quantum chip, a custom-designed device fabricated in-house by its quantum team. The chip marks a significant milestone in error-corrected quantum computing, with a passive error correction approach able to suppress errors by 100x by using a passive error correction approach. - forbes.com

28th November 2023