QRL Weekly: Celebrating Five Years of QRL, 2023-June-27

27th June 2023

It’s an exciting week here at QRL!

We’re celebrating five years of QRL and quantum computing progress since QRL genesis.

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Weekly Dev Snapshot ๐Ÿ“ธ ๐Ÿ‘‡

  • Changes with the execution engine is still in progress to make the API compatible with the dilithium signature.
  • Bug fix in progress in the consensus engine which triggers when the total stake contribution is calculated for an epoch for the epoch finality.
  • An Indexer is being developed to index blockchain data into the DB which then can be used by explorer or other dApps.

Quantum News

New Device Opens Door to Storing Quantum Information as Sound Waves

On 2023-06-22: Quantum computing, just like traditional computing, needs a way to store the information it uses and processes. On the computer you're using right now, information, whether it be photos of your dog, a reminder about a friend's birthday, or the words you're typing into your browser's address bar, has to be stored somewhere. Quantum computing, being a new field, is still working out where and how to store quantum information.

Scientists at Caltech have developed a new method for storing quantum information using sound waves. By leveraging phonons, the sound equivalent of photons, they have created a small device capable of efficiently translating electrical quantum states into sound and vice versa, enabling the storage and retrieval of quantum information. - caltech.edu

27th June 2023