QRL Weekly, 2023-July-11

11th July 2023

Weekly Dev Snapshot 📸 👇

  • Fix: Sync committee message verification is now functional
  • Validator set is now generated in each epoch
  • Fix: Gossip max length increased to allow block transmission as the block contains consensus related signatures

Quantum News from the last week

Breakthrough identifies new state of topological quantum matter | Cornell Chronicle

On 2023-07-11: Scientists at Cornell University have identified a new phase of matter called a "spin-triplet electron-pair crystal" in the superconductor Uranium Ditelluride (UTe2). This discovery could have significant consequences for condensed matter physics and for the field of quantum computing and spintronics. - news.cornell.edu

Fluxonium Qubit Retains Information For 1.43 Milliseconds - 10x Longer Than Before

On 2023-07-06: Researchers from the University of Maryland have made a significant advancement in superconducting quantum technology by creating fluxonium qubits that can retain information for 1.43 milliseconds, which is a 10x improvement compared to the previous record. This breakthrough brings fluxonium qubits back in competition with transmon qubits, the current favorite for quantum computers developed by companies like Google and IBM. - sciencealert.com

11th July 2023