QRL Weekly, 2023-July-04

4th July 2023

Weekly Dev Snapshot πŸ“Έ πŸ‘‡

  • Updated Sync Committee signing & getSyncAggregate to use Dilithium cryptography
  • Updated maximum Signature Size for Sync Committee
  • Added new constants related to Dilithium
  • Added fix related to some instructions which becomes invalid in some of the ARM processor

QRL is now listed on MEXC!

QRL is now trading as a QRL-USDT pair on MEXC thanks to a community effort! Be sure to check out our markets page for an up to date glance of where to find QRL, or join our community (discord) who made it happen.

New QRL Show Episode 🎬 πŸ’»

We’re excited to release Episode #2 of our series, History of Cryptography: Behind The Code.

In Episode #2, we travel back in time…moving from the VigenΓ¨re Cipher in the 16th Century up through the start of WW2 & the Enigma Machine.

Watch below

Quantum News

Quantum computer built by Google can instantly execute a task that would normally take 47 years

On 2023-07-04: Google has developed a quantum computer that can perform calculations in a matter of seconds that would take the most advanced supercomputers nearly 50 years to process. - earth.com

Meet Q-silicon, a new magnetic material for spintronic quantum computers

On 2023-07-03: Engineers at North Carolina State University (NCSU) have discovered a new form of silicon called Q-silicon with properties that could be beneficial for quantum computers and spintronics. Q-silicon exhibits ferromagnetism at room temperature, making it suitable for data storage and potentially enabling advancements in spintronics. It also demonstrates enhanced hardness and superconductivity, which could further aid spintronics and quantum computing. - newatlas.com

4th July 2023