QRL Weekly: The Next Chapter, 2023-December-12

12th December 2023

Weekly Development Snapshot

  • Released private testnet with reduced sync committee size 16.
  • Parameter changes such as minimum staking reward, epoch size, block reward, decimals etc. are in progress.
  • Necessary code changes to support the new parameters are in progress.
  • Unit tests for beacon client are in progress.

New Blog - QRL: The Next Chapter

The QRL project has appointed Iain Wood as its new operational manager, entrusting him with strategic goals such as community growth and finalizing the project’s roadmap. The original creator reflects on the journey, expressing excitement for QRL’s future while transitioning to an administrative role. Learn more about these developments in our blog post.

The QRL Show - Understanding Quantum Technology with Anastasia Marchenkova

If you haven’t already, join us for a special episode of the QRL Show, featuring Anastasia, a quantum computing expert, and Michael Strike, from Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL). They’ll discuss the urgency of post-quantum cryptography, common patterns in quantum threat conversations, and the anticipated developments in quantum tech over the next 2-5 years. Explore innovation in quantum computing, the current state of the field, major players like IBM and Qiskit, and instances of misinformation.

Bittrex Global Status Update

Bittrex Global has informed the QRL Team that the process of bringing the QRL Wallet online has commenced.

Quantum News

DARPA program breakthrough promises more practical quantum computers

On 2023-12-11: The DARPA program ONISQ has achieved a breakthrough in quantum computing by creating the world's first quantum circuit with logical quantum bits (qubits).

Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize various fields by exploiting quantum effects and complex mathematics to significantly speed up information processing. However, the high error rate in quantum computing has been a challenge. DARPA's approach involves using Rydberg qubits, which have the advantage of being homogeneous, allowing for rapid scaling and easy manipulation using lasers. This enables dynamic reconfiguration and transportability of logical qubits on a quantum chip, overcoming previous error-prone methods. DARPA has connected 48 logical qubits so far, paving the way for scalable quantum computing processors with less complexity than originally anticipated. - newatlas.com

12th December 2023