QRL Weekly, 2023-December-05

5th December 2023

Weekly Development Snapshot

  • All upstream changes for both consensus node & execution node completed.
  • Modified third party repositories to implement bitvector16 as the datatype is required for the sync committee having size 16.
  • Sync committee size reduced from 512 to 16.
  • Successful short testing for the node with new configuration.
  • Unit tests are in progress.

Quantum News

IBM releases first-ever 1,000-qubit quantum chip

On 2023-12-04: IBM has announced Condor, its first quantum computer with over 1,000 qubits. However, rather than just focusing on increasing the the number of qubits, IBM intends to make them more error-resistant, shown in simultaneous release of Heron, with 133 qubits and a record-low error rate. - nature.com

5th December 2023