QRL Weekly: Featuring the QRL Show live episode, 2024-June-04

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QRL Weekly, 2023-August-29

29th August 2023

Weekly Dev Snapshot 📸 👇

  • Implemented go-zond-types which is a library that has cryptography related data types supported by Zond.
  • Implemented go-zond-wallet-types which is a library that has datatypes related to Zond based wallet and using the go-zond-types library for the cryptography related datatypes.
  • Implementation of go-zond-wallet-encryptor-keystore is in progress using the go-zond-wallet-types. This will be used to encrypt and decrypt the keystore files generated by staking-deposit-cli. This library will be used by the beacon node while importing validator wallet from the key store files for the purpose of staking.

History of Cryptography: Behind the Code (Ep #3) 📺

We’re thrilled to release Episode #3 of our series, History of Cryptography: Behind The Code.

In our latest episode, we move from the end of WW1 through the 1940’s (WW2) covering everything from Enigma & codebreaking to Alan Turing & his teams work at Bletchley Park.

Check out the full episode

Quantum News

IBM makes major leap in quantum computing error-detection

On 29 Aug 2023: - phys.org

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Quantum Machines Introduces OPX1000: The Quantum Control Solution for Large-Scale Quantum Computing

On 29 Aug 2023: - hpcwire.com

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29th August 2023