QRL Weekly, 2023-August-29

29th August 2023

Weekly Dev Snapshot 📸 👇

  • Implemented go-zond-types which is a library that has cryptography related data types supported by Zond.
  • Implemented go-zond-wallet-types which is a library that has datatypes related to Zond based wallet and using the go-zond-types library for the cryptography related datatypes.
  • Implementation of go-zond-wallet-encryptor-keystore is in progress using the go-zond-wallet-types. This will be used to encrypt and decrypt the keystore files generated by staking-deposit-cli. This library will be used by the beacon node while importing validator wallet from the key store files for the purpose of staking.

History of Cryptography: Behind the Code (Ep #3) 📺

We’re thrilled to release Episode #3 of our series, History of Cryptography: Behind The Code.

In our latest episode, we move from the end of WW1 through the 1940’s (WW2) covering everything from Enigma & codebreaking to Alan Turing & his teams work at Bletchley Park.

Check out the full episode

Quantum News

IBM makes major leap in quantum computing error-detection

On 2023-08-29: IBM researchers have developed a system that improves error-detection in quantum computing, a major obstacle to its advancement. Quantum computers are highly sensitive to noise and prone to errors in their qubits. Unlike standard computer bits, qubits cannot be cloned without introducing errors. The researchers have developed an improved code and redesigned qubit placement that reduces the number of physical qubits needed for error-correction by one-tenth. While the approach currently only works on quantum memory and not computational power, it is seen as a step towards fault-tolerant quantum computing. - phys.org

Quantum Machines Introduces OPX1000: The Quantum Control Solution for Large-Scale Quantum Computing

On 2023-08-29: Quantum Machines has launched its new advanced quantum control solution, OPX1000, which offers industry-leading performance metrics including feedback capabilities, runtime, analog performance, and channel density. The modular quantum controller is designed to scale control of quantum computers to 1000 qubits and beyond. The solution is currently being deployed with select customers and will be generally available later this year. OPX1000 is programmed using Quantum Machines' intuitive pulse-level language, QUA, or at the gate level using the OpenQASM3 to QUA compiler extension. The company aims to push the entire field of quantum computing forward and accelerate the realization of useful quantum computers. - hpcwire.com

29th August 2023