QRL Weekly, 2023-August-08

8th August 2023

Weekly Dev Snapshot 📸 👇

QRL Zond

  • Added code to support account with smart contract code while generating genesis state from genesis.json, this will be used to deploy deposit contract for staking in genesis block
  • Resolved memory related issue with the beacon chain causing beacon node to crash
  • Bug fix for the state resumption after node is restarted
  • Tested staking 3000+ blocks
  • P2P testing & bug fixing is in progress


  • multiple long-standing explorer bugs fixed

QRL Monthly: feat second phase of grants programme - July 2023

Introducing Volt Development’s QRL Mobile Wallet and the rollout of the second stage of the grants programme. Better wallet address format is proposed, and the Zond beta testnet is almost ready to roll out.

Read more: https://www.theqrl.org/blog/qrl-monthly-feat-second-phase-grants-programme-july-2023/

Quantum News

wolfSSL Featuring New Post Quantum Cryptography and country specific cipher support at Black Hat 2023

On 2023-08-08: wolfSSL has been busy adding support for post-quantum ciphers in all of our products, from TLS to curl to web servers to SSH, we now have solid post-quantum support for users looking to make the move to a higher level of security, or to hedge their way into cryptographic agility with post-quantum. - prweb.com

SandboxAQ Open Sources Cryptography Tool for Post-Quantum Era

On 2023-08-08: The Sandwich framework allows developers to build their own protocols and implementations that can be changed and reconfigured in response to new threats and technologies without rewriting code. The solution, currently used by several US government agencies, global banks, telcos, and tech companies, can be embedded into internal applications and commercial software and supports multiple languages, operating systems, and cryptographic libraries.

Future plans for the solution include the ability to create smaller and larger “sandwiches” to access basic or broad functionality, as well as multi-layered “sandwiches” with an array of functions, such as enabling access to cryptography at different abstraction levels. - esecurityplanet.com

8th August 2023