QRL Primary Report, 2024

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QRL Weekly, 2023-August-01

1st August 2023

Weekly Dev Snapshot

QRL Node v4.0.3

New version is released which fixes a bug with a wallet daemon throwing error while converting non utf-8 data to string will now try to convert the data into hex string

To update, visit our node update guide.

Note: Only required to update if you’re calling the get_block function from the wallet daemon

QRL: New Richlist

  • Implementation of richlist-api middleware between indexer and user-facing applications including export of data as CSV for all non-zero balance addresses
  • Added richlist to mainnet explorer & release of explorer 1.4.0

QRL Zond (Proof-of-Stake + Smart contracts)

  • Refactoring & Bug fixes for the Zond consensus engine
  • Update Zond execution engine to process the blocks received from the Zond consensus engine
  • Tested Staking upto 1300 blocks, currently the memory issue fix is in progress
  • Implementation of qrl-rich-list-indexer that index rich list from the QRL Python chain to the MongoDB
  • Bug fixes for the qrl-token-indexer

Quantum News

U.S. Must Train Quantum Technology Workforce

On 31 Jul 2023: The United States currently lacks the talent required to maintain competitiveness in this field, posing a national security risk. The race to commercialize and deploy quantum systems has become a battleground of U.S.-China competition, with other countries like Australia, Japan, Canada, and the UK also making progress. The United States faces a shortage of quantum talent and a general STEM skills gap. To fill these gaps, international collaboration, initiatives to retain foreign-born workers, and reskilling programs are necessary. - foreignpolicy.com

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EeroQ Tapes Out "Wonder Lake" Quantum Processing Unit Chip

On 29 Jul 2023: Quantum computing specialist EeroQ has successfully developed a Quantum Processing Unit (QPU) chip named "Wonder Lake" using a CMOS manufacturing approach. The chip is based on helium-electron qubits and has a qubit count of 2,432, making it one of the most densely populated QPU designs. EeroQ's qubits have a high level of coherence and mobility, leading to greater efficiency and reduced overhead for error correction mechanisms. The company aims to achieve high-quality quantum gates and scalability, positioning itself as a leader in the commercial quantum computing future. - tomshardware.com

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1st August 2023