QRL Primary Report, 2024

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Weekly Updates

QRL Weekly, 2024-April-09

Weekly Development Snapshot

  • Reviewing P2P code, State & Attestation Pool code for Qrysm
  • Some of the Go-Zond tests finished, the remaining are still in progress
  • Removed deprecated APIs, functionalities and cli flags for both Go-Zond & Qrysm
  • Removed unused beacon params from Go-zond
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QRL Weekly, 2024-April-02

Weekly Development Snapshot

  • Reviewed Genesis initialization code
  • Reviewing P2P code, State & Attestation Pool code for Qrysm
  • Go-Zond tests are still in progress
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QRL Weekly, 2024-March-26

Weekly Development Snapshot

  • Reviewing P2P code, State & Genesis initialization code for Qrysm
  • Go-Zond tests is in progress
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QRL Weekly, 2024-March-19

Weekly Development Snapshot

  • Majority of the tests (integration & unit tests) finished for qrysm
  • Reviewing P2P code, State initialization code for qrysm
  • Started writing tests for Go-Zond
  • Zond web wallet offline functionality
  • Advanced sending settings work in progress
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QRL Weekly, 2024-March-12

Weekly Development Snapshot

  • Added more unit tests for qrysm
  • Refactoring: qrysm v2 API services name changed to v1
  • P2P code review for qrysm in progress
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QRL Weekly, 2024-March-05

Weekly Development Snapshot

QRL Zond

  • Majority of the unit tests and integration tests fixed, 20 to 30 unit/e2e tests are still pending for Qrysm
  • Refactored Dilithium public key and signature length into fieldparams package
  • Removed unused deprecated stream methods
  • porting of trueblocks.io to have zond compatibility underway


  • PoW Ledger app compatibility review
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QRL Weekly, 2024-February-27

Weekly Development Snapshot

  • Fixed some e2e tests (such as validators_vote_with_the_majority) for qrysm
  • Fixed unit tests for updated proto files in Qrysm
  • Work in progress with tests for Qrysm to have further code coverage
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QRL Weekly, 2024-February-20

Weekly Development Snapshot

  • Qrysm unit tests are in progress for beacon-chain packages such as forkchoice, monitor, rpc and state
  • Fixed several Qrysm unit tests for cache, gateway, p2p, sync, core
  • The new code is being reviewed to before we begin making further changes
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QRL Weekly, 2024-February-13

Weekly Development Snapshot

  • More unit tests and integration tests are being added for qrysm
  • Several unit tests have been fixed for qrysm
  • Deprecated commands from qrysmctl have been removed
  • Several non required dependencies have been removed from qrysm
  • update to explorer back end to support more rpc calls
  • functional wallet create/send/receive wallet UI component improvements
  • import/export of gzond node-compatible wallet files in progress
  • explorer indexing research
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QRL Weekly, 2024-February-06

Weekly Development Snapshot

  • Code related to derived and remoteweb3signer has been disabled
  • Removed deprecated validator web ui code
  • Fix unit tests
  • Removed all the codes related to forks other than Capella
  • Removed old db migrations
  • Renamed the Duties field with CurrentEpochDuties
  • Overrided the SecondsPerSlot config field for tests on the validator side that rely on functions such as waitToSlotTwoThirds to have them run much faster
  • new explorer/wallet middleware routes to support fee calculation in testnet wallet
  • transaction UI work in testnet wallet
  • interaction with middleware for automated transaction metadata population
  • offline signing of transactions complete
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