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Our Roadmap

A clear vision of a resilient Post Quantum store of value and communication layer is only as good as the plan and perseverance it's backed up by.

Network Stats

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Looking at what we've built

Our Current Features

  • A visionary blockchain with digital asset security as a core value

    After being built from the ground up with post-quantum security at its foundation, the QRL went through two years of testing and multiple external audits before the release of mainnet.

  • Crypto-agility with an extensible address format

    The introduction and solidification of variable key heights and signature space allows QRL to ensure future compatibility with almost anything. Our blockchain includes the possibility to upgrade signature schemes (XMSS, SPHINCS, Falcon, + future) and through an address format update, support different cryptographic hash functions (SHA2_256, SHAKE_128, SHAKE256 etc).

  • Full multi-platform wallet support

  • Weighted threshold multisignature transactions

    Advanced multisignature addresses & transactions allowing for a wide range of custodial scenarios for secure asset management.

  • Ephemeral messaging system (EMS)

    End-to-end (E2E) quantum secure ephemeral messaging system groundwork to distribute any data using Dilithium and Kyber which will be expanded at a future date into an globally decentralized network along side the QRL blockchain.

  • File notarisation

    Fraud prevention through the use of quantum secure notarisation easy accessible through a clean user interface.

  • Documentation, API's and Tooling

    Fully documented with API’s and tooling to get started building, deploying, and maintaining digital assets.

The next fork

Features Slated for Next Fork, Cesium

  • Proof-of-Stake

  • Falcon

  • GoLang Node

And beyond

Features slated for the future

  • Smart Contracts

Keeping Busy

Other Key Projects

  • enQlave: Quantum Security for Ethereum

Planning Ahead

Current QRL improvement proposal (QIPs)