QRL Weekly: Featuring the QRL Show live episode, 2024-June-04

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Japan quantum computer debut sets off scramble for tech breakthroughs

28 Mar 2023: Riken’s first homegrown quantum computer could transform auto, finance, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. The government and Riken plan to connect an over-100-qubit quantum computer to the Fugaku supercomputer in fiscal 2025. Fujitsu plans to finish a 64-qubit quantum computer in fiscal 2023 and 1,000 in 2026. Fujitsu will collaborate with Fujifilm and Tokyo Electron, while Riken will research Japanese businesses and universities. Quantum computing may help develop new materials like electric-vehicle batteries and artificial photosynthesis.
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The race toward a new computing technology is heating up — and Asia is jumping on the trend

06 Jun 2022: Japan has made key advancements in the quantum computer race, India has developed its own strategy for the technology, and debates are simmering over whether China has surpassed the U.S. on some fronts.
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