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Zoom adds post-quantum end-to-end encryption to video meetings

Zoom has globally introduced post-quantum end-to-end encryption for its Meetings service, enhancing security against future quantum computer threats, with plans to extend this to Zoom Phone and Zoom Rooms.


21st May 2024

Zoom has globally launched post-quantum end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for its Meetings service and plans to extend this security feature to Zoom Phone and Zoom Rooms. Using the Kyber768 quantum-resistant algorithm, this encryption ensures that data transmitted between servers and clients remains secure against future quantum computer threats. When users enable E2EE, only meeting participants have access to the encryption keys, addressing concerns about “harvest now, decrypt later” attacks.

Zoom’s move aligns with proactive measures by platforms like Signal, Apple iMessage, Tuta Mail, and Google Chrome. Previously criticized for its lack of E2EE, Zoom has since added this feature to its services, starting with Meetings in 2020 and Zoom Phone in 2022. As the first unified communications as a service (UCaaS) provider to offer quantum-resistant video conferencing, Zoom aims to lead in securing digital communications against future threats. This development is also significant for blockchain technology, highlighting the need for quantum-resistant encryption to secure blockchain systems, as demonstrated by the Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL), which uses similar cryptographic algorithms to ensure long-term security.

21st May 2024