QRL Primary Report, 2024

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'World's purest silicon' could lead to 1st million-qubit quantum computing chips

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7th May 2024

Scientists have developed an ultra-pure form of silicon, dubbed silicon-28 (Si-28), that could serve as the basis for “silicon-spin qubits” in quantum computers, according to a study published in Nature Communications Materials. Quantum bits or qubits, unlike classical computer bits, can exist in a superposition of states, potentially making quantum computers more powerful than today’s fastest supercomputers. However, qubits are highly susceptible to interference and require cooling to near absolute zero. The new Si-28-based qubits are said to be less prone to failure and could be produced at the size of a pinhead.

The researchers claim these silicon-based qubits could be manufactured more easily due to existing chip fabrication methods, allowing quantum computers to scale up faster.

7th May 2024