QRL Primary Report, 2024

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US firm plans to build 10,000 qubit quantum computer by 2026

Representational stock image for a quantum computer

5th February 2024

QuEra Computing, a Boston-based company, aims to revolutionize computing with quantum technology. They plan to launch a 10,000 qubit quantum computer by 2026, surpassing the capabilities of today’s fastest supercomputers.

QuEra’s roadmap includes launching a quantum computer with 256 physical qubits and 10 logical qubits this year, followed by a 3,000-qubit quantum computer in 2025.

by 2026, QuEra wants to unleash the 10,000 physical qubits quantum computer with 100 logical qubits. The company is confident that not only will this machine compute without errors, but it will supersede the capabilities of supercomputers today.

5th February 2024