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Scientists find a new way to make quantum computers

MIT researchers developed a scalable quantum system-on-chip (QSoC) that integrates thousands of diamond color center qubits onto a semiconductor chip, potentially advancing large-scale quantum computing and communication networks.
MIT researchers developed a modular fabrication process to produce a quantum system-on-chip which integrates an array of artificial atom qubits onto a semiconductor chip. Credit: Sampson Wilcox and Linsen Li, RLE.


3rd June 2024

MIT researchers have made significant progress in the development of quantum computing by creating a scalable hardware system called a “quantum-system-on-chip” (QSoC).

This system integrates an array of artificial atom qubits onto a semiconductor chip, allowing for precise control and connectivity among thousands of qubits. The innovative approach uses diamond color centers as qubits due to their stable quantum properties and compatibility with modern semiconductor techniques. These qubit chips are placed onto a customized CMOS integrated circuit using a lock-and-release method, enabling efficient mass production and tuning of qubits via lasers.

The research team, led by MIT graduate student Linsen Li, successfully demonstrated the transfer of 1,024 diamond nanoantennas onto a small area of the CMOS chip and showed that over 4,000 qubits could be tuned to the same frequency while maintaining their quantum properties.

3rd June 2024