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Ripple publishes math prof’s warning: ‘public-key cryptosystems should be replaced’

Mathematician Massimiliano Sala warns that current encryption methods won’t protect blockchain systems from future quantum computers, urging the development of quantum-resistant cryptosystems.


19th May 2024

Professor Massimiliano Sala of the University of Trento has raised concerns about the vulnerability of current blockchain encryption methods to future quantum computers. Speaking at Ripple’s university lecture series, Sala highlighted that quantum computers could potentially solve problems underlying digital signatures, thereby compromising blockchain security. He emphasized the concept of “Q-day,” a hypothetical point when quantum computers become powerful enough to break classical encryption, posing significant risks to various sectors including cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Sala advocates for replacing classical public-key cryptosystems with quantum-resistant alternatives to safeguard against potential quantum attacks. Although no practical quantum computer currently exists that can break such encryption, ongoing advancements in the field suggest that it could be a reality within years. Sala is optimistic about the progress being made towards quantum-proofing systems and urges blockchain developers to collaborate with encryption experts to stay ahead of these emerging threats.

19th May 2024