QRL Primary Report, 2024

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Breakthrough in single-photon integration holds promise for quantum computing, cryptography

Credit: Hebrew University of Jerusalem

13th February 2024

The recent study highlights a breakthrough in quantum photonics, demonstrating significant progress in integrating single-photon sources on-chip at room temperature, which is crucial for advancing quantum computing, cryptography, and sensing.

By employing a hybrid metal–dielectric bullseye antenna for exceptional photon directionality, the research showcases a method for efficient photon back-excitation and coupling, using either colloidal quantum dots or nanodiamonds as single-photon emitters. Achieving front collection efficiencies of about 70% with low numerical aperture optics, this innovation simplifies the integration of quantum light sources into practical quantum systems, promising to accelerate the development of quantum photonic devices. The research, led by Boaz Lubotzky and Prof. Ronen Rapaport, alongside international collaborators, represents a pivotal advancement in quantum technology applications, as published in Nano Letters.

13th February 2024