QRL Primary Report, 2024

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A tweezer array with 6100 highly coherent atomic qubits

18th March 2024

The researchers have successfully created a large-scale array of optical tweezers that can trap over 6,100 neutral atoms across 12,000 sites, achieving new heights in several critical performance metrics for this technology.

They demonstrated:

  • A coherence time of 12.6 seconds, a record for hyperfine qubits in an optical tweezer array.
  • Trapping lifetimes close to 23 minutes in a room-temperature apparatus, enabling record-high
  • Imaging survival of 99.98952% in combination with an imaging fidelity of over 99.99%.

Their results, together with other recent developments, indicate that universal quantum computing with ten thousand atomic qubits could be a near-term prospect. Furthermore, their work could pave the way for quantum simulation and metrology experiments with inherent single particle readout and positioning capabilities at a similar scale.

18th March 2024