Celebrating Six Years of Post-Quantum Security: The Journey of QRL

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Japan quantum computer debut sets off scramble for tech breakthroughs



28th March 2023

Riken’s first homegrown quantum computer could transform auto, finance, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. The government and Riken plan to connect an over-100-qubit quantum computer to the Fugaku supercomputer in fiscal 2025. Fujitsu plans to finish a 64-qubit quantum computer in fiscal 2023 and 1,000 in 2026. Fujitsu will collaborate with Fujifilm and Tokyo Electron, while Riken will research Japanese businesses and universities.

Quantum computing may help develop new materials like electric-vehicle batteries and artificial photosynthesis. In 2022, NEC started using quasi-quantum technology to plan parts deliveries, hoping to earn 10 billion yen ($76 million) from optimisation services by 2025.

28th March 2023