QRL Primary Report, 2024

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EeroQ Tapes Out "Wonder Lake" Quantum Processing Unit Chip

Gate electrodes. This metal layer includes wiring, but also electrodes which attract, hold, and move the electrons on the helium surface. In future enhancements of this design, individual electrons comprising the qubits will be moved and controlled by these electrodes.

29th July 2023

Quantum computing specialist EeroQ has successfully developed a Quantum Processing Unit (QPU) chip named “Wonder Lake” using a CMOS manufacturing approach. The chip is based on helium-electron qubits and has a qubit count of 2,432, making it one of the most densely populated QPU designs. EeroQ’s qubits have a high level of coherence and mobility, leading to greater efficiency and reduced overhead for error correction mechanisms. The company aims to achieve high-quality quantum gates and scalability, positioning itself as a leader in the commercial quantum computing future.

29th July 2023