QRL Primary Report, 2024

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Quantum News

NVIDIA Accelerates Quantum Computing Centers Worldwide With CUDA-Q Platform

12 May 2024: NVIDIA has announced the integration of its open-source CUDA-Q platform to accelerate quantum computing research at supercomputing centers in Germany, Japan, and Poland. These centers will utilize Quantum Processing Units (QPUs) within their NVIDIA-accelerated high-performance computing systems to enhance quantum research capabilities. Germany’s Jülich Supercomputing Centre will complement its JUPITER supercomputer with a QPU from IQM Quantum Computers, while Japan’s AIST will use a QuEra QPU in its ABCI-Q supercomputer to advance AI, energy, and biology applications.
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'World's purest silicon' could lead to 1st million-qubit quantum computing chips

07 May 2024: Scientists have developed an ultra-pure form of silicon, dubbed silicon-28 (Si-28), that could serve as the basis for “silicon-spin qubits” in quantum computers, according to a study published in Nature Communications Materials. Quantum bits or qubits, unlike classical computer bits, can exist in a superposition of states, potentially making quantum computers more powerful than today’s fastest supercomputers. However, qubits are highly susceptible to interference and require cooling to near absolute zero.
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Chinese Scientists Report New Quantum Light Source is a Step Toward More Efficient Quantum Chips

22 Apr 2024: Researchers in China have developed a quantum light source using gallium nitride (GaN), a common semiconductor traditionally used in blue light-emitting diodes. This development is seen as a significant step towards creating functional quantum chips. The GaN-based quantum light source can generate pairs of entangled light particles, which are essential for transmitting information within quantum systems. Additionally, this device offers a broader wavelength range than existing quantum light sources. The researchers suggest that this advancement could lead to more efficient and easily integrated quantum chips, with vast potential applications in quantum computing.
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PsiQuantum Likely Less Than Six Years Away From Commercial Quantum Computer

12 Apr 2024: PsiQuantum, a Palo Alto-based startup, anticipates delivering its first commercial quantum computing system in under six years, which is faster than many expert estimates. This accelerated timeline is due to research advancements and strategic partnerships, notably with chip manufacturer GlobalFoundries and the U.S. Department of Energy. The latter collaboration allows PsiQuantum to use facilities at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory to design crucial cryogenic quantum modules. Valued at $3.15 billion with $700 million in funding, the company aims to assemble multiple quantum modules into a data center-like configuration, targeting around 1 million quantum bits (qubits) for practical applications.
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Quantinuum quantum computer using Microsoft's 'logical quantum bits' runs 14,000 experiments with no errors

05 Apr 2024: A team of computer engineers from quantum computer maker Quantinuum, working with computer scientists from Microsoft, has found a way to greatly reduce errors when running experiments on a quantum computer. The combined group has published a paper describing their work and results on the arXiv preprint server.
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Singtel teams with Cisco, Fortinet and Nokia on quantum-safe solutions

28 Mar 2024: Singtel will partner with Cisco, Fortinet and Nokia to provide quantum security solutions to enterprises through its Quantum Safe Network (QSN).
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Think you can ignore quantum computing? Think again.

27 Mar 2024: While gen AI has captured the attention of virtually every CIO, quantum computing is priming to take center stage.
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IBM Quantum Computing Blog | Landmark IBM error correction paper on Nature cover

27 Mar 2024: Last year, IBM demonstrated that quantum computers had entered the era of utility, where they are now capable of running quantum circuits better than classical computers can. Over the next few years, they expect to find speedups over classical computing and extract business value from these systems.
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A tweezer array with 6100 highly coherent atomic qubits

18 Mar 2024: The researchers have successfully created a large-scale array of optical tweezers that can trap over 6,100 neutral atoms across 12,000 sites, achieving new heights in several critical performance metrics for this technology. They demonstrated: A coherence time of 12.6 seconds, a record for hyperfine qubits in an optical tweezer array. Trapping lifetimes close to 23 minutes in a room-temperature apparatus, enabling record-high Imaging survival of 99.98952% in combination with an imaging fidelity of over 99.
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NVIDIA Launches Cloud Quantum-Computer Simulation Microservices

18 Mar 2024: NVIDIA today launched a cloud service that allows researchers and developers to push the boundaries of quantum computing exploration in key scientific domains, including chemistry, biology and materials science. NVIDIA has more than 160 partners in its quantum computing ecosystem. Leading cloud service providers are integrating Quantum Cloud into their offerings, including Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud To learn more about NVIDIA Quantum Cloud, watch the GTC keynote from Jensen Huang, and register for GTC for free to attend sessions from NVIDIA and industry leaders through March 21.
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