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QRL Improvement Proposal (QIP-011)

Denomination ideograms for Quanta and Shor as svg, webfonts

Overview & status

AuthorJack Matier (@jackalyst)
Statusdraft withdrawn
Discussions tohttps://github.com/theQRL/qips/pull/23


Ideograms are useful in conveying an idea or concept which is independent of any particular language.

Doing so as an SVG allows for usage in a wide variety of mediums. Further creating a webfont hosted either locally or from popular third-party services has the added advantage of being able to be easy to implement.


The reference asset format should follow the Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG v1.1) standard which has a wide userbase and can be incorporated into a font and hosted either locally and/or on third-party services.

This will be then compiled into the Web Open Font Format (woff) and Web Open Font Format 2 (woff2) standards.

In order to qualify whether a prospective ideogram is symbolic as a currency, it should be tested against a diverse background of people from different regions with a positive result being that it’s recognised as a currency.

For the test, every positive result can be recorded as 1 and negative as 0. These results would then be compiled and an average established with the final resulting floating point value between a 0 and 1. An overall result that’s greater than a value that’s to be determined through discussions will signify whether the ideogram works to represent a currency in a series of short-listing rounds.

Backward compatibility

Both SVG 1.1 and Woff/Woff2 are open standards and offer wide support.


  1. Quanta and Shor ideograms should be uploaded as a gist in the SVG format and linked to in a comment as part of the comments-uri thread of this QIP.

  2. A diverse team will be elected to do an initial round of testing as specified in the specification portion of this QIP with a process where the submitter of the ideogram wont be identified.

  3. Ideograms would be short-listed and tested against a wider audience less familiar with QRL and short-listed further.

  4. A vote would take place to identify favourite currency ideograms

  5. The selected ideograms would be cleaned up and made into respective woff and woff2 files.