QRL Primary Report, 2024

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QRL Improvement Proposal (QIP-006)

Implement dPoW

Overview & status

AuthorMachin (@bidulemachin)
Statusdraft incomplete
Discussions tohttps://github.com/theQRL/qips/pull/10


Purpose of this QIP is to implement a dPoW mechanisme to strengthen QRL protection against attacks like 51%


Because security is the first concern of QRL project, we have to consider all solutions that can improve its security.

Thanks to hash power provider like NiceHash, we know that it is possible to perform a 51% attack against QRL blockchain for little amount of money.

A test done by a community member (curefrankosflue) demonstrates this figures : “20 MH/s @ 0.0090 BTC /(MH/s x day) means 0.0075 BTC/hour, which turns out the cost of a 5 hour attack at 20mhs to be at 0.0375 BTC or 150 $”

Some projects like Komodo solves this issues by using BTC blockchain to benefit from its hash power.

Also, some project like VeriBlock propose to better secure alternative crypto asset networks using Bitcoin blockchain (concept of proof-of-proof (PoP))

QRL should evaluate the level of protection afforded by lowering the reorg limit versus a DPOW solution that would be based on BTC hashpower.


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Backward compatibility

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