Proof of Stake

Proof-of-Stake is a blockchain consensus mechanism that will be replacing Proof-of-Work in QRL. Instead of computers competing for who would win the block by computing a piece of work, a validator is selected at random by the weight of their holdings.

QRL currently has a post-quantum secure Proof-of-Stake devnet and code, codenamed project Zond which lays out some of the framework that may be used for our upcoming proof-of-stake system. With the aim to provide the most reliable, efficient, and flexible, post-quantum secure proof-of-stake protocol, additional competing areas of research and development are being pursued between STARKs (with hash-based cryptography), and lattice-based cryptographic solutions.


QRL Monthly: Feat. The History of Cryptography - May 2023


Cryptography history, including ancient cyphers like the at-bash, scytale, polybius square, and the Caesar cypher. Fusion signatures in the QRL ecosystem, project Zond development, and a special AMA with Geometry Labs!

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Last Month at QRL - September 2022

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The official Public Devnet Launch of Zond with EVM Smart Contracts and Proof-of-Stake! A number of interesting ideas were presented at the first real-world QRL Hackathon in 2022, and the community was fantastic. The winning entry, QRLPay, won with being a simple, quick-to-deploy, lightweight QRL payment processor and woocommerce website that connects to your own QRL node

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Introducing a powerful post-quantum safe public devnet pre-release with Ethereum Web3 ecosystem compatibility


Anyone is now able to run their own Proof-of-Stake node connected to the public devnet network, stake, and enjoy many of the pleasures of the web3 ecosystem, all while knowing that it was created with longevity and security in mind.

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