QRL Primary Report, 2024

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Proof of Stake

Proof-of-Stake is a blockchain consensus mechanism that will be replacing Proof-of-Work in QRL. Instead of computers competing for who would win the block by computing a piece of work, a validator is selected at random by the weight of their holdings.

QRL currently has a post-quantum secure Proof-of-Stake devnet and code, codenamed project Zond which lays out some of the framework that may be used for our upcoming proof-of-stake system. With the aim to provide the most reliable, efficient, and flexible, post-quantum secure proof-of-stake protocol, additional competing areas of research and development are being pursued between STARKs (with hash-based cryptography), and lattice-based cryptographic solutions.


Project Zond: QRL's next generation network, with EVM compatibility reaches beta-testnet


We are pleased to announce the release of QRL Zond beta-testnet v1, an important step towards allowing blockchain developers to create dApps with EVM smart contract capability and a robust web3 API on a quantum safe backbone. Read more in our blog or jump in right away by going to Test Zond.

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QRL Monthly: Feat. The History of Cryptography - May 2023


Cryptography history, including ancient cyphers like the at-bash, scytale, polybius square, and the Caesar cypher. Fusion signatures in the QRL ecosystem, project Zond development, and a special AMA with Geometry Labs!

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Last Month at QRL - September 2022

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The official Public Devnet Launch of Zond with EVM Smart Contracts and Proof-of-Stake! A number of interesting ideas were presented at the first real-world QRL Hackathon in 2022, and the community was fantastic. The winning entry, QRLPay, won with being a simple, quick-to-deploy, lightweight QRL payment processor and woocommerce website that connects to your own QRL node

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