Multisignature Transactions NEWS AND UPDATES

Last Month in QRL 12/2019–1/2020


Development Updates, Developer Summit, Hard Fork News

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The QRL Developer Meetup


The QRL core developers are a diverse group of people spanning across many different continents and timezones. While there’s a weekly meeting to talk with each other, meeting in person can increase the productivity of discourse substantially. It is for this reason that The QRL developers are meeting for two days on the **3rd and 4th of August (tomorrow as of this blog) to discuss the upcoming fork, consensus mechanisms (primarily proof-of-stake and its derivations), and other developer related topics.

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Post-quantum secure multisignature wallets


Whilst our current plan is to transition to an abstracted unified transaction format with the release of our ‘silicon’ smart contract platform (pencilled for release mid 2019), we have decided internally to integrate multisignature functionality into the QRL early in our upcoming hard fork.

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