Celebrating Six Years of Post-Quantum Security: The Journey of QRL

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EnQlave — the quantum safe for your crypto assets

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EnQlave is an education initiative and ecosystem which brings trustless on-chain post-quantum security (the EnQlave wallet) and cross-chain interoperability with QRL (wQRL + DEX) to sufficiently scriptable and supported blockchains, starting with Ethereum.

Quantum computers are heralded as the next big thing in computing, capable of solving complex problems that would take traditional computers too long to crack. This has led to growing concern about how future quantum attacks could steal cryptocurrency by breaking the cryptography. EnQlave is a way for people to secure their assets on second most popular blockchain and learn about this growing threat of quantum computing to the blockchain space in the process.

The EnQlave wallet is completely on-chain on the supported blockchain and does not necessitate the use of QRL mainnet in any form (the movement, purchasing, or selling of any QRL) allowing anyone to create and use EnQlave wallets to secure their Ethereum and Ethereum tokens (ERC20, ERC721, ERC777, and ERC1155). The interoperability component is composed of wrapped QRL (wQRL) on Ethereum, as well as cross-chain swap and DEX functions, allowing for wQRL acquisition and trading on DEX’s such as Uniswap.

We want to encourage anyone who is concerned about quantum security to consider using an EnQlave wallet to protect their assets from quantum adversaries. Bringing this on-chain through smart contracts, rather than securing the blockchain from genesis like with QRL isn’t without its limitations, however.

Use cases

For those with Ethereum

The threat of quantum attacks against the blockchain is growing greater by the day, and Ethereum is no exception to this worrying trend. Time is running out, and if Ethereum holders fail to protect themselves they risk losing their assets to any malicious person or organization willing to use quantum technology.

With the growing concern about quantum attacks, people holding Ethereum and Ethereum assets can create an EnQlave wallet that’s secure from quantum attacks using a simple easy-to-use interface.

Other blockchain projects

For blockchains such as Tezos, EOS, and Stellar which have expressive enough smart contracts, they can reach out to info@theqrl.org and request to bring this functionality to their blockchain project.

Depending on due diligence, the success of EnQlave on Ethereum, the coins demand, and other factors, we’ll look at expanding EnQlave to include that ecosystem.

For exchanges

It’s a tough world out there for cryptocurrency exchanges who want to provide the best possible security but a powerful enough quantum computer could make this a whole different story.

EnQlave is an encryption solution that offers protection from quantum attacks. With the help of EnQlave, exchanges can securely protect user assets from quantum computing by leveraging a unique on-chain self-custody multi-signature process that is more resilient against this emerging technology.

For those with QRL

EnQlave has limitations which QRL does not as it’s a blockchain built from the ground up with post-quantum safe security in mind.

Other benefits for those with QRL:

  1. Access to QRL on decentralized exchanges: Cross-chain interoperability with the QRL blockchain and access to QRL through DEX’s like Uniswap can make it easier to acquire QRL.
  2. Exposure of QRL to a large user-base: Ethereum has one of the most active developer communities and networks, with over 700k active addresses. As one of the first cryptocurrencies taught when being on-boarded to the world of blockchain, EnQlave works as an excellent education tool to learn about the threat of quantum computing, and how QRL is part of the solution.


While we’ll be providing a way for individuals and institutions to secure their Ethereum assets from quantum attacks, there’s a few notable caveats here:

  1. This does not make the entire Ethereum’s address space quantum secure from genesis, and is instead just the EnQlave wallets. It’s a step in the right direction but it’s not the entire way there.
  2. Implementing post-quantum security in smart contracts is naturally much less efficient so transactions are more expensive. QRL is architecturally designed with post-quantum secure signature schemes and crypto-agility in mind, which means the entire network can be more secure.

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EnQlave — the quantum safe for your crypto assets NEWS AND UPDATES

Announcing Ethereum Enqlave - Quantum Security for the Ethereum Blockchain


Back in 2017 we launched as an ERC20 token so that people can hold and trade a QRL while we built out our own quantum secure blockchain which successfully launched in Q2 of 2018. Now we’re happy to announce that in the coming year, QRL will be releasing Ethereum Enqlave, a way to secure Ethereum wallets and all of its tokens from the ever evolving threat of quantum computers. This will also make QRL multi-chain, allowing QRL to move freely between Ethereum and QRL mainnet!

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