QRL Hackathon 2022

Getting started

Hackathon Phases

  • Phase Idea & Team Building
  • Start Date 2022-08-30
  • End Date 2022-09-20
  • Location Online
  • Phase Hackathon Event
  • Start Date 2022-09-21
  • End Date 2022-09-22
  • Location Amsterdam

Getting started

Welcome to the QRL Hackaton 2022, demonstrating the future of post-quantum secure blockchains!

This event is open to everyone from developers, artists, writers, or anyone else alike to come together for an intimate multi-day event with direct team interaction and to be part of the future of post-quantum resistant blockchain ecosystems.

The instructions below are for those that want to take part in the hackathon and build things. If you just want to drop in and say hi, there’s no need to go through the process below, unless you want a cool lanyard.

Step 1. Read the rules & guidelines

It’s worth it to read QRL Hackathon rules & guidelines page for more details. In summary they are:

Rules & guidelines

  1. There can be up to five to a team which has a single focused project, and, which is spearheaded by a single individual. There will be an opportunity to choose a team name which will represent your personality and the project.
  2. To be eligible for prizes, at least one individual on the team will need to be in-person (one person can represent up to 2 projects).
  3. It’s possible to be part of multiple teams, but not to lead multiple teams.
  4. It’s possible to work on something on your own, (ie. a team of one)

Final judging

  1. Projects will need to be ‘handed in’ by 2pm Amsterdam local.
  2. At that point, shortlisted projects will be given an opportunity to present, starting at 2:30 pm.
  3. Final judging will take place during the presentations by a core team panel with weight from the community (50/50). Though final reward pools are to be determined, they will range from silly (ie. best team names) to serious (ie. most well-executed).

Step 2. Register by September 18th (if you haven’t already)

As mentioned, if you just want to drop in and say hi, there’s no need to register to the event, but in order to participate in the hackathon + prizes, registration is necessary. This information will allow us to print up the lanyards.

Registration page can be found here.

Step 3. Join the QRL Discord and form a team!

If you’re not part of the QRL discord, you’ll want to do so now here and follow the instructions below.

From there, there’s three channels (rooms) inside of the QRL Discord pertaining to the hackathon:

  1. #hackathon-join: This is where, by using emoji’s, you’ll want to indicate whether you’re participating, whether you’re participating in-person, and what you’re skilled at.
  2. #hackathon-cmd: This is where all hackathon commands go and is used to build and create teams, as well as list the teams that’s currently attending.
  3. #hackathon-social: This is a special room you get access to by joining the QRL hackathon.
  • Note: If you’re just a single person, please create a team + team name anyway.

Command reference

The command reference can be broken down into teams, and lists. All teams are lead by a single individual.

Team Building

  1. Create a team and team name
    team name [team name]
    Example: team name The Smart Contractors
  2. Add users to the team.
    team add <users(s)>
    Example: team add @jackalyst
  3. Remove users from the team.
    team remove <users(s)>
    Example: team remove @jackalyst
  4. Delete team
    team delete


  1. List the current teams
    list teams
  2. List everyone participating
    list users
    Example: list users, or list participants
  • Note: It’s important once you join the Hackathon Discord server to inform us if you’ll be attending “in-person”. This helps provide us with a general headcount for the event planning (QRL Merch, room arrangements, etc)

Step 4. Hack away and enjoy!

Once you’ve followed the instruction steps above from registration and RSVPing (in-person, online) to forming/joining a team, you’re all set & ready to take part.

During Stage 1, we encourage you to take part in conversations around ideation/team building, inviting teammates to your project, and so on…

We’re excited for this years Hackathon & can’t wait to build/hack together with the QRL community