Celebrating Six Years of Post-Quantum Security: The Journey of QRL

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QRL Hackathon 2022

We are excited to have you join us for our hackathon event in September 2022 at the end of the summer. The most recent network upgrade will be revealed, along with public devnet Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and EVM-compatible smart contract functionality.

Hackathon Phases

  • Phase Idea & Team Building
  • Start Date 2022-08-30
  • End Date 2022-09-20
  • Location Online
  • Phase Hackathon Event
  • Start Date 2022-09-21
  • End Date 2022-09-22
  • Location Amsterdam

QRL Hackathon 2022

The QRL Hackathon 2022 is a great place for developers, artists, writers, or anyone else alike to come together for an intimate multi-day event with direct team interaction and to be part of the future of post-quantum resistant blockchain ecosystems.

Head on over to our Getting Started page to join in the fun today.

Key Focuses

Alongside the Hackathon itself, we’ll be launching PoS/Smart contracts in addition and announcing a grant program.

Wait, There’s More

As part of the Hackathon event, we’ll also be hosting an exclusive fireside chat, holding a number of lightning talks throughout each day, providing QRL swag, rewards, and you’ll get a chance to have your very own proof-of-attendance coin (limited run).

Have A Question About Attending?

If you have any questions, we’re happy to answer them through support@theqrl.org or our Discord channels.