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QRL Games | Winter Hackathon 2022

Getting started

Hackathon Phases

  • Phase Hackathon
  • Start Date 2022-12-14
  • End Date 2023-01-04
  • Location Online

Getting started

Table of Contents

Welcome to the QRL Games - Winter Hackaton 2022! This event is open to everyone from developers, artists, writers, or anyone else alike to come together for December.


There are two main components that you can participate in as your holiday time commitments allow (if you were here for last years Winter Hackathon, you’ll notice some overlap!)

  1. Community lead projects: If you have more time during the holidays, you can start or participate in developing a project for QRL. This can be anything so long as it’s QRL and game related, from building a QRL game to gamifying some aspect of the project.
  2. Hackathon hearty rewards: If you have a few minutes to an hour, you can contribute your time to anything QRL related that you see fit from tweets, to meme’s and GitHub commits. There will be leaderboards!

Component 1. Community lead projects

The first week of the hackathon (from Friday, December 14th to January 4th) will have a focus on community members either establishing a project or joining a project

Establishing a project

To establish a project, you’ll need an idea that you can be passionate about enough to articulate and lead to fruition before the end 4th of January, 2023.

With the idea in hand, the project will need to fit a few key requirements:

  1. Relevant to QRL: Goes without saying, this is a QRL Hackathon.
  2. Open source: It’s common to think of code being open source, but graphics can be too.
  3. Game related: This can be everything from incorporating QRL into gameplay to quizzes and puzzles. See our gaming related ideas section to help brainstorm.

Other considerations would be to ensure that your project is:

  1. Attainable: It’s easy to dream big, but it’s also easy to be busier than you think.
  2. Inviting: There’s no requirement for this to be a group project, however, many hands can make fun and light work.
  3. Easy to participate in: Small ready-to-go tasks for community members of a variety of skill levels can help keep your project moving.

Component 2. Hackathon Hearty Rewards

The basics of this is simple.

If you want to do something that’s QRL related, even mildly, simply do it and share with the rest of the community and Twitter. If you see something shared that you like, give it a heart emoji if it’s in Discord, or a like on Twitter.

For sharing on Twitter, be sure to tag #qrl or $qrl to be included, and connect your account with your Discord account.

It’s easy to think of games as either boardgames or video games, but games is really a concept for a form of play for entertainment and fun which is sometimes used as an educational tool.

Ideas include:

  • Incorporating QRL into gameplay
  • Build a QRL game (digital or physical)
  • Gamify any aspect of the project
  • Quizzes & Puzzles
  • Use the DRAND as a source of randomness to a game

Hack away and enjoy!

We’re excited for this years Hackathon & can’t wait to build/hack together with the QRL community.