QRL Weekly: Featuring the QRL Show live episode, 2024-June-04

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Quantum Resistant Ledger

Consensus 2024 NFC Tag hunt

Join the thrill of the future with our cutting-edge Quantum Resistant Ledger NFC Tag Hunt and learn about QRL and earn some in the process!

Confused about getting started? Come check out our booth for more information on the NFC tag hunt.

Step 1: Come to our QRL Booth

Go to the QRL Booth and create a wallet (see step 2) for some initial QRL to start your journey

alt text

Step 2: Get the QRL wallet

Download the QRL wallet developed by Volt Development on the Google Play or Apple Store.

Google Play




Step 3: Look out for QRL NFC stickers

Enjoy the conference, any time you find a sticker create a message transaction with the code provided on this page (see the next step).

Stickers will look like this:


Step 4: Create a message transaction

  1. Open the QRL Wallet
  2. Go to Tools
  3. Click on “Send Message”
  4. Copy the code into the message area
  5. Send transraction
  6. Come see us to claim a reward. 1 tag = 1 Quanta (QRL)

Step 5: Win the grand prize

All 34 stickers is enough to create a mnemonic! This opens a wallet (though you don’t need to for the event)

When you head home (or before 4pm on Friday), come see us and we’ll record your address and how much of the mnemonic you’ve completed.

After the event, we will select the winners and distribute the grand prizes accordingly.

Had to catch a flight early? Contact us through our socials with a screenshot of the mnemonic and your QRL address and you’ll be accounted for.

Current Mnemonic Gathered