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QRL Community Code-of-Conduct

Effective Date: 2023-02-01

Code of Conduct (tl;dr. Be decent)

The QRL community is a collective group that works together to engage in positive, forward-thinking, and good-faith discussions. This includes people of all ages, backgrounds, disciplines, and walks of life.

It is sometimes unavoidable that members of a diverse community with such a wide range of perspectives will find themselves in conflict with one another at some point; however, it is imperative that we make an effort to understand the root causes of these conflicts in order to resolve differences of opinion in a constructive manner.

Following the principles outlined in the code-of-conduct will allow us to work together more effectively to achieve the great things that make QRL what it is today and the years to come.

  1. DO NOT spam, scam, shill, or otherwise use this area to promote your, or someone else’s, product/platform.. Open dialog, including about other projects, are allowed, but using the QRL community as an opportunity to solely promote/shill a platform isn’t permitted.
  2. DO NOT organize, participate in, or encourage harassment/harm towards anyone. Harassment consists of any conduct, verbal or physical, that has the intent or effect of interfering with an individual, or that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment. No one should have to feel unsafe or unwelcome in the QRL communities. Hate speech includes forms of communication like speech, writing, and behaviour that incite violence or prejudice against a group or individuals based on their membership of that group, or demeans or intimidates a group.
  3. DO NOT use vulgar language that is not family friendly. This includes no profanity, bigotry, attacks, threats, vulgar or violent language, concealed or otherwise. If it’s not appropriate to say around young kids, it’s not going to be appropriate in our official QRL communities.
  4. DO NOT incite or encourage illegal or market manipulation activities. Promoting leaks, buying/selling drugs, tax evasion, pyramid schemes, or conspiring to perform a pump/dump, along with anything laid out in the community platforms Terms of Service (ToS) isn’t permitted.
  5. DO NOT partake in deceptive activities or actions. Usernames which are deceptive (ie. coo, ceo, founder…), or advertising in nature (url’s, etc) aren’t permitted. Referral links and the use of URL shortening services is a form of deceptive activity as it obfuscates the child url.
  6. DO NOT partake in doxxing, or posts that resemble doxxing. Doxxing is the practice of researching and broadcasting private or identifiable information about an individual or organization. Posts that resemble doxxing will be removed.
  7. DO NOT participate in a bad-faith manner. Behaviour done intentionally to cause mischief, drama, or toxicity to a community, as well as those who toe-the-line, are acting in bad-faith. Repeated use of knowingly false claims to try and sow a narrative would also be acting in bad-faith.
  8. DO participate in a good-faith manner. Behaviour with good intentions, from a mindset of engaging in a toxic-free, respectful, meaningful, forward-moving way would be considered in good-faith. This attitude is part of the foundation that fosters the growth of healthy communities and should be extended to other projects and communities as well.

The preceding code-of-conduct is intended to serve as a guideline for maintaining an inclusive and welcoming environment in our communities.

To help maintain this inclusive environment, moderators will consider a variety of factors, such as those listed above, and use a variety of methods (such as timeouts, warnings, and banning), with moderator resolutions being discretionary. Please respect their requests and their decisions.