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Until the QRL Games - Winter Hackathon 2022!

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Last Month at QRL - November 2022


Don’t miss out on the QRL Games Winter Hackathon 2022 happening this month! Find a bug or want to help bug hunt? The QRL Foundation is excited to launch the QRL Bug Bounty Programme that aims to encourage and reward platform improvements.

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Last Month at QRL - October 2022


Highlights Strategic update: The Sleeper Must Awaken Today, crypto is so much more than just a peer-to-peer value transfer, with DeFi, NFTs, DAO’s, DEX’s and more coming into the space over the last few years. The market capitalization has exploded and blockchain technology is on the verge of entering the mainstream. QRL, being well into its 7th year of existence, is changing with that, introducing smart-contracts for programmable assets, and Proof-of-Stake as a more efficient and robust consensus mechanism.

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Last Month at QRL - September 2022

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The official Public Devnet Launch of Zond with EVM Smart Contracts and Proof-of-Stake! A number of interesting ideas were presented at the first real-world QRL Hackathon in 2022, and the community was fantastic. The winning entry, QRLPay, won with being a simple, quick-to-deploy, lightweight QRL payment processor and woocommerce website that connects to your own QRL node

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