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Until the QRL Hackathon 2022

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The QRL Developer Meetup


The QRL core developers are a diverse group of people spanning across many different continents and timezones. While there’s a weekly meeting to talk with each other, meeting in person can increase the productivity of discourse substantially. It is for this reason that The QRL developers are meeting for two days on the **3rd and 4th of August (tomorrow as of this blog) to discuss the upcoming fork, consensus mechanisms (primarily proof-of-stake and its derivations), and other developer related topics.

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The QRL Blockchain is One Year Old!

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Where We’ve Been One year ago today, on June 26th, 2018, the QRL blockchain was released to the world. With the words, “The sleeper must awaken” and 34.679 KB of data, the first block was put into place. For those unfamiliar with the origin of the quote, it is from the 1984 film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s “Dune” The full line that it draws from is: A person needs new experiences.

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DeveloperWeek 2019 this week!


TL;DR — The Who/What/Where/When/Why of DeveloperWeek 2019

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