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Until the QRL Hackathon 2022 in-person event. First stage has begun!

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Enqlave — the quantum safe for your crypto assets

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EnQlave — the quantum safe for your crypto assets

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Decentralised voting and trustless autonomous hard forking


Back in 2012/3 when I first became obsessed with bitcoin it was obvious to me there were many more applications than value transfer for bitcoin-like systems to improve the world. Chief among these was decentralised voting for use in provably fair and secure political elections. This was long before the QRL existed and even before the consensus related issues around bitcoin and the block-size fiasco.

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No, IBM’s Quantum Computer won’t break Bitcoin, but we should be prepared for one that can.


Quantum computing that can break blockchain is coming, and it’s time the blockchain community accepts it — so we can prepare ourselves.

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