The QRL Developer Meetup

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2nd August 2019

The QRL core developers are a diverse group of people spanning across many different continents and timezones. While there’s a weekly meeting to talk with each other, meeting in person can increase the productivity of discourse substantially.

It is for this reason that The QRL developers are meeting for two days on the **3rd and 4th of August (tomorrow as of this blog) to discuss the upcoming fork, consensus mechanisms (primarily proof-of-stake and its derivations), and other developer related topics.

Those in attendance

  • JP Lomas Core / Full stack developer
  • Kaushal Kumar Singh Core developer
  • Peter Waterland Core developer
  • James Gordon Technical Writer
  • Leon Groot Bruinderink PhD student Post-quantum Cryptographer

Topics of discussion

The big highlight of this developer meetup is going to be the consensus protocol. Since the genesis of our project, Proof of Stake has been one of the core features that’s been on the roadmap since as far back as February 20th, 2017, when it was first introduced to the QRL codebase.

While the consensus protocol will be the topic de jour, the weekend will also comprise of everything in the upcoming hardforks and more, including:

  • Smart Contracts / Addresses
  • Ephemeral Messaging
  • Multisig addresses
  • Deterministic address support
  • Extended message transaction functionality
  • Decentralized on-chain poll support
  • Hardfork scheduling / frequency

May a consensus be reached!

Sneak peak of some feature logos in development

Jack Matier


Jack Matier