QRL Primary Report, 2024

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Quickly setup nodes with QRL Cannon

QRL nodes can now be launched from the cloud without the need for technical knowledge. Simply follow the instructions at qrlcannon.net, and with a nominal fee (in QRL), launch nodes to help the network and become a part of the QRL network today!

General Disclaimer: This post covers topics and/or tools provided by third parties in the hopes of being useful and/or of general interest and are not controlled by the QRL Foundation.


K.G. Yıldırım

We’ve found that some people find maintaining a node can be difficult for some and is not without the need for technical knowledge. Nodes need to be constantly updated with the latest blockchain code in order to function.

The team is pleased to to release QRL Cannon, a website for easily launching your own QRL node in a few clicks. With QRL Cannon, you don’t need any technical knowledge or experience in order to operate a node at 100% capacity. It automatically updates code and handles all the infrastructure management, so you can focus on what matters most.

From now on, you can launch QRL nodes in the cloud. No technical expertise is needed anymore, simply follow the instructions on https://qrlcannon.net/.

Payments are done in QRL. Prices are displayed on the website. Once launched, your node will be displayed on the frontpage of the website and you can also use monitoring tools, to monitor your node.

Why should I run a QRL node?

Running a QRL node strengthens the network, supports the decentralization and further verifies transactions on the network. This is an essential function of the decentralized architecture QRL relies on.

Support the network by launching nodes and be part of the QRL network today!

QRL Cannon is thanks to the efforts of K.G. Yıldırım (Discord @runforest), and Discord @0xFF).

If you’d like to see more community releases like this we’ve setup a QRL donation address: Q000400504561d2ad28a2c90d6916afda85315f35bb94e892296534858ec4eb78f4da1445cda6ae

Further support

Support can be found by joining Discord and connecting with Discord user @runforest.


K.G. Yıldırım